Time and Money Saving tips & Tricks for Homeowners in Martin County

Sometimes, help from your local plumber isn’t always necessary, especially for small occurrences that arise. But how do you know what’s small and instantly fixable? When should you call the plumber? What signs should be looking for if you don’t know the severity of the issue? These are important and common questions that plumbers can answer for you. So, when you’re stuck in blunder, keep these unique yet common questions in the back of your memory should they arise.


Sir, Your Toilet is running

One common mishap with the toilet is hearing it constantly running. But before you call the experts, did you know that you can replace the flapper? Many times, a broken or old flapper within the toilet itself is the reason for that annoying and nerve-racking running sound. You may want to add a few drops of dye to the tank so see make sure it’s running efficiently after you replace the valve or flapper.

Disposal Cleanup

Unless you live in a complex that offers maintenance, hiring a plumber to fix your garbage disposal can get a little pricey. Most of the time your garbage disposal just needs a good clean if problems arise. These issues can be avoided if you regularly cleaned your disposal, ridding it from food blockage. All you need is a hex wrench to get the job done efficiently.

Clogged Tub or Sink

OK so you’ve mastered the clogged toilet, but are stumped by the clogged shower or kitchen sink. Have you tried plugging the clogged area and it hasn’t budged? Before you call the pros, try adding table salt to hot water and pouring the concoction down the drain. This will break up the debris and send it moving easily through the pipes. If you didn’t like salt before, now you do!

Hot Water Heater Leaks

In South Florida, hot water heater leakage is a common problem. While there isn’t much you can do if you spot a leak leading to the water heater, you can prevent a leakage from occurring by paying close attention to your system. The pipes leading to the heater should be up to date and new and the system itself should be intact and without cracks. Whether you have a loose valve or a corroded tank, if you spot a leak in your tank, it might be too late and you need to call the pros.

When to Call the Pros

If you’ve tried all of the above tips to fix your plumbing issues and you are still having trouble, you should call your local plumber for assistance. It may be more deep-seeded than you think and a professional analysis can tell right away. Give your hand a chance at these easy repairs but if these attempts fail, don’t be afraid reach out to a pro. Here are signs that urge you to call the plumber:

  1. Your faucet won’t stop dripping
  2. Insufficient Water flow in tub, sinks, or toilet
  3. Plunger isn’t helping unclog toilet
  4. Stoppages and Clogged lines
  5. Inside / Outside waterlines
  6. Under-sink Repairs
  7. Garbage disposals