Water Leak Repairs

Water leaks can be extremely irritating – listening to the water continuously dripping or running. Not only is it wasteful but leaks can also give you the shock of huge water bills and pipe or fixture corrosion with time. The expert technicians at The Plumbing Company can fix all types of water leaks. Whether you have faucet in your kitchen dripping with water or maybe the laundry room, bathtub, bathroom sink or anywhere else, you can solve your problem with a single call to The Plumbing Company.

Signs to look out for in case of water faucet leak:

  • Rust or water puddles may reveal themselves around the drains in sinks, showers or tubs, or along the base of your faucets.
  • Did you get a surprisingly expensive water bill?  It’s time to check your house for water leaks.
  • If can see or hear water dripping from faucets.
  • Your faucets may make a squeaky noise when you turn them off and on.
  • You smell rotten food when working around a drain.

Signs to look out for in case of a leaking toilet:

  • You may notice water collecting in the bowl or on the floor around the toilet. When a little water starts leaking from the toilet, it can damage your floor tiles or your rug.
  • Groaning or bubbling sounds from the pipes beneath or behind the toilet also indicate a plumbing leak.
  • Your bathroom may smell like sewer gas or molds.
  • Sometimes, if there are bumps in the tiles or floor around the toilet, it means there is some slow water leaking.

Some things you can do yourself to fix a leaking faucet or toilet:

There are things that you may want to do before you actually give us a call like replacing the o-ring or the faucet washers. If you do this, keep in mind:

  • Completely disconnect the water supply to the toilet or sink.
  • When you go to the hardware store, take the broken part with you so can get your hands on the right replacements.
  • In case of the toilet, it may be due to wax seal that fixes the toilet to the floor. If it is the sink faucet leak, it may be due to the o-rings and washers.

Signs to look out for in case your hot water heater is leaking:

  • Unusual sounds of dripping water or other sounds from the water heater.
  • Too much moisture or small puddles close to the water heater tank.
  • Inadequate supply of hot water.
  • Uneven flooring or bumps in floor tiles close to the water heater.

Signs to look out for in case of a leaking washing machine hose:

  • Bulging hoses
  • Cracked hoses
  • Loose or rusted hose connections
  • Small pools of water near to the washing machine or behind it
  • Laundry room may smell like mold

For help with any type of leak make sure you hire a skilled plumber right away! No matter where the water leak occurs, we can diagnose and fix the issue for you!