Kitchen Plumbing Services & Repairs

The kitchen is central to any home, but they also tend to be the center of plumbing issues at. Whether it is the sink and faucets or garbage disposals, the kitchen is full of plumbing fixtures. The plumbing company offers fast and reliable kitchen fixture repair. A dishwasher or a kitchen faucet is part of everyone’s day to day life. Problems with these things can gravely affect your everyday life. This is where the plumbing company jumps in and gives you fast and efficient kitchen fixture repair services.

Here are some of our kitchen plumbing services that you require in your daily life: 

Leak Repair

The kitchen is full of valves, pipes and fixtures and if even one happens to be leaking, you not only waste so much water but your money too. Is there a leakage problem in your kitchen? Our professional will not only find it, but also fix it for you.

Faucet Repair

Do you have broken, damaged or leaky faucet? Shed your worries because technicians at The Plumbing Company are here to repair your faucets no matter what type. It consists of a ceramic disk, ball, cartridge and compression. From fixing a small part to entirely replacing it, we do it all.

Garbage Disposal Repair

There is no denying that garbage disposals are the best thing that could happen to people who absolutely love cooking. The problem is that many homeowners don’t know how to use them correctly. Garbage disposals only keep working properly when they are handling small amount of food remains because they are meant to handle that much. It becomes problematic when people dump in too much of the food debris. No worries! Our experts will replace or repair your garbage disposal and enable your sink to drain like it normally does.

Drain Cleaning

Is your kitchen sink not draining fast like it used to? Then it’s high time you get your drain cleaned. This happens to be a very common problem and every kitchen is bound to face this at least once. It results in your sink becoming clogged with time because of food debris, mineral deposits and other issues. However, the professionals at The Plumbing Company will take care of your clogs and make your sink as good as it used to be.

Dishwasher Repair

The reason that your dishwasher drains and runs water is due to the fact that it is connected to kitchen’s water supply as well as drain lines. In the case, there is something wrong with them, it may lead to clogging, flooding and other problems. The plumbers at the plumbing company can install or repair your dishwasher, no matter what the brand along with replacing or repairing leaking or damaged supply lines.


Our emergency specialists offer great time-sensitive services but they are always available to cater to all kinds of plumbing requirements including removing old fixtures and installing new ones.

If you are facing any of these or other kitchen blues, simply give us a call and we will be right at your door to eliminate your kitchen plumbing blues!