Finding Out if you have a Water Leak

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One of the most insidious ways your plumbing can turn on you is through a hidden leak. These leaks can, over time, cause thousands of dollars in damage as your home becomes infested with mold and rot. The best way to prevent having to pay out for expensive repairs is to spot the damage early and invest in much cheaper leak repairs. Of course, regardless of how little damage has been done, the first step is to find the leak. There are many ways to discover if your home is suffering from water damage and where.

Sniff out the Damage

One of the first indicators that there is a possible water damage problem is the smell. An old, musty smell is one of the first warning signs of hidden water damage lurking within the house. If this odor is particularly pronounced in a specific room, there is likely heavy water damage lurking in that room. Pay attention to odd odors and take the time to investigate. This will help save you from more visible, more costly damage down the line.

Water Stains

These tend to be more obvious. Water stains are generally the first thing people notice about water damage. The odd discoloration of the walls is a huge red flag, and generally a sign of a major problem. If you see water stains form there is likely more damage than just discoloration already done. Still, it is best to find and fix the source of the leak before it starts to spread.

Peeling Paint

Another possible sign of water damage is if paint starts to peel. The damage that water causes will result in paint losing its ability to adhere to the surface of the wall. This loss of adhesion will cause the paint to sag and peal easily. If you see a patch of paint coming inexplicably loose, especially when paired with one of the other warning signs listed in this article, assume water damage and call a professional to evaluate and fix the problem.

Sagging Walls or Ceilings

Water has weight, and when water gathers in one spot it may cause walls or ceilings to sag with the added weight. Not only does this distort the house, but also it can pose a safety hazard. If left alone, the water can accumulate and cause a collapse, spelling disaster for anybody unfortunate enough to be caught underneath.

Visible Mold Growth

Mold growth is one of the most serious signs of water damage, and the one that carries the greatest health risks. Mold spores can lay dormant for quite some time and tend to accumulate in the nooks and crannies you don’t think about. If water manages to leak in there, it can spawn the growth of mold, and depending on the type of mold can lead to serious health complications. At this point you will need specialists not only to repair water damage and fix the pipe, but also to remove the mold that built up in your house.

All of these problems point to possible water damage, and because of the long term costs, water damage is not something to be ignored. Fix the problem as soon as possible, or you may end up paying for it with both greater repair costs and health concerns.